Wang Yiming, currently the CMO of Alisports, is in charge of both Marketing & Sales and Strategic Partnership. Prior to joining Alisports, he had over 14 years of experience working at the worlds largest independent advertising company Dentsu, and later as the CEO of its media group Dentsu X in Greater China. He studied French at Shanghai International Studies University, later he majored in International Business Law at Keio University in Tokyo.
Wang Yiming came up with the theory of Big Communication, Big Entertainment, Big Datafor marketing and sales in the digital era. Based on his theory, he has successfully launched some of the most exciting digital marketing campaigns, thus earning the reputation in the industry as the man of sports marketing & sales. Not long after he joined Alisports, he brought Li Ning, Bank of Hangzhou and China Telecom into sponsorship of the Hangzhou Marathon. He also introduced the idea of Sports Friday a day to celebrate fitness in the office environment that coheres with Alisportsmission in making sports simple and accessible for everyone.

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