FINA World Aquatics Convention > Joey Zuber – Member of the FINA High Diving Committee , Red Bull Cliff Diving Consultant and Commentator, High diving champion


Joey Zuber is now recognised as one of the world’s leading experts in High Diving. His journey as a diver started at the Australian Institute of Sport, but his career as a professional high diver has taken him to all parts of the world. He has won many accolades, and his competitive nature has earned him a Red Bull Cliff Diving Championship. Although no longer competing, his career still spans all things High Diving: Competition regulations, T.V commentary and location scouting. Joey been a FINA high diving committee member since 2013 and has played a vital role in development the sport. A clear goal is set to drive high diving towards the Olympics.


2007: 2nd Acapulco High Diving Championships – Mexico
2006: 1st Marmeeting – Italy
2005: 1st Marmeeting – Italy
2004: 2nd World Cup
2003: 3rd World Cup
2002: 1st Red Bull Cliff Diving Hawaii
2002: 2nd Red Bull Cliff Diving Monaco
2001: 2nd Red Bull Cliff Diving Hawaii


2017 -2008: Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series – Commentator
2016: The Mechanic Resurrection feature film (Jason Statham) – Cliff diving stunt co-ordinator
2012: Dive Into Fear, The Joey Zuber Story – Beyond/Red Bull Media House
2012: Toyota Camry Commercial – Cliff Diving Sport Consultant
2007: Day Breakers, Feature Film – Stunt performer


• 2021-2013: FINA High Diving committee member
• 2018: Guest lecturer ‘High diving’ -FINA International coaches Conference China
• 2018-2013: FINA High Diving committee member
• 2017-2015: Red Bull Cliff Diving Training camp – High Dive Coach
• 2017: Red Bull Cliff Diving Mexico Cabo San Lucas athlete project -Event manager
• Red Bull Cliff Diving Sports Consultant
• 2016: Red Bull Cliff Diving Indonesia athlete project – Event manager
• 2012: Guest lecturer ‘High diving’ -FINA International coaches Conference Mexico.

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