Bill is CEO of the International Fundraising Consultancy (IFC), a multi-award-winning agency working with non-profit organisations around the world. With offices in 12 countries (UK, USA, Peru, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Ukraine, Kenya, Tanzania, Singapore, India, Kyrgyzstan and the UAE) and partner agencies in many other places, IFC seeks to fulfil its vision of a better, fairer more fulfilling world, by helping organisations to raise the funds they need to maximise the impact of their work. 

Bill has been fundraising professionally for over 20 years, for a wide range of organisations and covering most areas of voluntary income generation, including grant applications, corporate sponsorship, community events, membership development and working with wealthy philanthropists. 

As a consultant, he has advised clients on strategy setting and fundraising in a number of countries including the UK, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, Cambodia and Uganda. Clients have included UN agencies and International Aid organisations, museums, environmental causes, hospitals, arts organisations and others.

Bill holds degrees in Biochemistry and Theology. He is a Board Member of the Association of Fundraising Consultants. 

“I am delighted to be speaking at FINA’s World Aquatics Convention in Hangzhou. I am a passionate believer in the ability of sport to change lives, inspiring people all over the world and bringing them together in a uniquely powerful way. Through my session, I hope to show attendees how they can use the lessons of fundraising to increase their income and to engage in new and innovative ways with their audiences, helping them make an ever-bigger impact and fulfil their visions for their organisations.”

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