FINA is delighted to announce TritonWear will continue as an Event Partner for the 5th FINA World Aquatics Convention, to be held at InterContinental Hangzhou, China, 8–10 December 2018.

This follows the hugely successful FINATritonWear partnership at the 2016 Convention.

Toronto-based TritonWear specialises in wearable technology for swimmers. Their top-of-the-range equipment provides coaches and swimmers with invaluable performance-enhancing data.

TritonWear works with over 15 National Swimming Federations, as well as thousands of swimmers globally, from independent athletes, to clubs and collegiate institutes. Their platform delivers accelerated training improvements based on three pillars – performance measurement, injury prevention and motion analysis. TritonWear is bringing the capabilities of top data and sports sciences in swimming to the everyday coach, by capturing and displaying data in real time on deck, tracking trends over time for every outfitted athlete, predicting injury risk to keep athletes training, and syncing acceleration data with video feedback, to enable precise technique corrections. This combination of personalised feedback, increased accountability, and state of the art tools has resulted in an astounding 40% faster improvement rate for club athletes, and 17% for collegiate athletes, using TritonWear.

In Hangzhou, TritonWear will be showcasing its latest innovations through an interactive and highly informative workshop based on real-life case studies, gleaned from its work with Swim Federations like Swimming France and the Australian Institute of Sport.  

“The FINA World Aquatics Convention is an incredibly important event for the world of Aquatics and the Aquatics industry. The opportunity to engage and communicate with Federations and Head Coaches around the world is invaluable to a business like ours,” says Tristan Lehari, TritonWear Co-Founder and CEO.  “We are committed to enhancing swimming as a sport and found the connections we made at the 2016 event in Windsor to be hugely positive for the growth of TritonWear. As such, we eagerly look forward to sharing our knowledge and interacting with the worldwide swimming community at this year’s event in Hangzhou.”

The partnership is warmly endorsed by FINA President Dr. Julio Maglione:

“We’re excited to educate as many coaches and clubs as possible of TritonWear’s technology at the FINA World Aquatics Convention. Innovation is vital if our sport is to continue to grow, and FINA is proud to be working alongside TritonWear in supporting coaches and swimmers all over the world to enhance performance. TritonWear’s passion for measuring athlete performance has always been a crucial factor in training for success, and TritonWear demonstrates the growing importance of technology within our sport.”  

220+ organisations have already signed up to attend the 5th FINA World Aquatics Convention in Hangzhou, making it swimming’s biggest and most important networking event of 2018!