Duraflex is Revolutionizing the Sport of Diving

Duraflex founder, Raymond C. Rude, gave his company the legacy of cutting edge manufacturing equipment and processes, ensuring the highest quality of diving products. When manufacturing equipment did not exist for his purposes, Mr. Rude would make the equipment himself. That equipment served Duraflex well for many decades of providing diving equipment to the sport. Today, Duraflex has transformed into an industry production leader.

We are challenged to design higher, faster, stronger products to meet athletes improving standards. Our company has made large investments in CAM (computer-guided manufacturing) equipment. From the CNC router to the robotic paint booth, Duraflex is utilizing the most sophisticated manufacturing equipment available today.

We Set the Industry Standards

Duraflex continues to be the leader in the diving world providing our world-class Diving Boards and Duraflex Stands. As we continue to grow, new prototype developments and redesigns are underway. Features that enhance ease of use and appearance are redefining the performance of our products. We have reviewed and revised procedures and materials in order to continue to provide our customers with the world’s best diving equipment. All of our products have been modeled in 3D CAD software and drawings of all Duraflex stands are now available.

In developing our merchandise, we are polishing our customer service practices. We’ve replaced our paint line with a robotic system, and built a facility with a high-density storage system. Our efficient changes have shortened lead times and creating more opportunities. With our improved business practices, design, and our growing network official Duraflex Dealers, we are the “next generation” of Duraflex.

The Global Leader in Competitve Diving Products

Duraflex is the leading provider of Competitve Diving Products. Our high quality Diving Boards and Duraflex Stands are used throughout the world, from personal swimming pools, to Olympic Competitions. We are proud to be an official FINA partner and know that the quality of our products, service, and expertise makes Duraflex the first choice for divers everywhere.


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