Succeed when it counts. With Kistler performance analysis.

Kistler’s KiSwim system helps elite swimmers around the world analyze and improve their starts and turns. Using instrumented starting blocks and turning plates as well as high-speed video, the system measures key performance parameters during swim training. The biomechanical data from the performance analysis immediately provide important feedback to coaches and athletes, allowing corrections to be made at the very next training session and crucial hundredths of a second to be gained at the next competition.

Start faster

A good start can make a difference of over half a second in the first 15 meters. The starting time for short distances accounts for up 25% of the total race time.

Turn faster

For long-distance competitions, the time savings during turning can comprise several seconds, or even up to 33% of the total race time on a short course.

Analyse faster

An instrumented starting block and turning plate and five high-speed video cameras capture a complete visual image of the start and the first 15 meters of the race. An easy-to-understand, on-screen display of kinematic and kinetic data enables a thorough biomechanical analysis as well as trial comparisons.

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