Founded in 1982, Hangzhou Swimming Association (hereinafter referred to as Association) is a sociogroup authorized by Hangzhou Sports Bureau and registering in Hangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau. It is a five-A-level social organization, an advanced unit of national mass sports, and an advanced sports club of Zhejiang Province. In recent years, Association has made good use of its strong team of coaches,referees and base of mass swimming ,organized many swimming events of different levels, positively taken part in both international and domestic swimming competitions as well as got excellent results. In the meantime, Association provides professional training for swimming referees, lifeguards, instructors and water quality administrators. It also organizes public welfare training – “Swimming Learning, No Drowning”, which greatly promotes the development of swimming in Hangzhou and plays a decisive role in building a “gold name card” of Hangzhou as a swimming city.


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