FINA Convention 2018 – What We Learned!

Over 1,200 Aquatics experts, delegates and exhibitors from all corners of the globe gathered in the eclectic city of Hangzhou, China, for the FINA World Aquatics Convention 2018. Friendships, knowledge and advice were shared over the 3 days, 20+ sessions and 2 conferences.

We do hope all attendees took away some valuable insights from this year’s event – we certainly did!

Here are 4 key things we learnt …

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FINA Convention Hangzhou – the story so far…

There’s no doubt about it – Aquatics is alive and kicking!

We’re over half way through the 5th FINA Convention in Hangzhou and the event is abuzz with talk of Aquatics. No matter where you turn, people are deep in conversation.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far…

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What to Expect at the 5th FINA World Aquatics Convention

This Saturday, 1,200+ of the leading figures in the world of Aquatics arrive in Hangzhou for the 5th FINA World Aquatics Convention – an exclusive combination of learning, networking and discussion that will shape the future of Aquatics.

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Hangzhou set for record-breaking FINA World Aquatics Convention

Only 15 days to go until the FINA World Aquatics Convention, 8–10 December! 

With the projected value of the Aquatics industry in China expected to hit US$30 billion by 2020, and the Chinese market opening its doors to international business, Hangzhou is the perfect host city for this year’s Convention.

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MySwimPro – FINA Convention: The Best Swimming Conference in the World

FINA Convention: The Best Swimming Conference in the World

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‘Embracing Innovation – Aquatics in a Global World’: FINA Conference Programme Announced.

The FINA World Aquatics Convention is delighted to release the final Conference Programme for 2018, Hangzhou, China, 8 – 10 December!

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