The FINA World Aquatics Convention (FWAC) is a fantastic occasion for people from every corner of the Aquatics industry to come together in one place and build valuable relationships.

With FWAC only two days away, here are some handy networking tips to help you make the most of your time in Windsor.

1. Download our app

Over 1,000 delegates are attending and it’s unlikely you’ll have time to meet them all.  Here’s where our app can help.  All delegates have access to the FINA Convention app, complete with an inbuilt messaging feature.

TIP: If you don’t have time to meet everyone you want to meet, the app provides a unique opportunity to connect – send a message via the app and arrange to catch-up at a later date.

Contact for help with the app.

2Set your goals in advance

With an Aquatics Conference, Coaches Clinic, Sports Medicine Congress, exhibition, drinks receptions, a FINA/Alisports Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony, and much more, the FWAC 2016 event schedule is packed.

TIP: Have clear and realistic event objectives before you arrive.  What are you hoping to achieve? Are you at FWAC to close a deal?  To build relationships?  Or to learn about specific topics?  Knowing your goals in advance will enable you to prioritise your time effectively.

3. Do your research

Understanding a prospect’s interests can provide you with effective ice-breakers.

TIP: Look through the prospect’s website, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. to research both the organisation and the individual.  This personalised approach will leave a lasting positive impression and will make it easier to continue the conversation when you next meet.

4. Be direct

Try to remove the ‘decision’ from your prospect’s decision-making process. The fewer obstacles there are for your prospect to think about, the more chance they will be focussing on the benefits of your offer.

TIP: Limit the risk by showing evidence of your offer and its benefits. Come armed with case studies and testimonials, making it easier for your potential partner to visualise the end result.

5. Be open-minded

All business partnerships start with a simple conversation, so be open to conversing with your fellow delegates.

TIP: If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. Who knows what incredible opportunities could arise from your conversations at FWAC?  One thing is for sure, if you’re not talking, you won’t find out, so keep your eyes, ears and mind open.

FWAC’s numerous non-stop networking opportunities include:

  • FINA/Alisports Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony ‘Soirée des Etoiles’
  • Evening drinks receptions
  • Lunches and coffee breaks
  • The hotel bar!

We wish you an enjoyable, productive and successful FWAC networking experience. See you in Windsor!